Filter Alarm
Led Light
Remote Control

Technical Features

Sizes 56 / 86 / 118 cm
Version Suction/Filtering (optional)
Controls Touch Control 3+I
Remote control 3+I
Lighting Lled strip
1×4,5W (56) / 1×7,8W (86)
1×11,2W (116)
Airflow 660 (m3/h)
Pressure 600 (Pa)
Noise level 50 Min / 67 max (lw[dba])
Motor power 265 (w)
Duct size Ø150 (mm)
Energy Class A

The optimal operation of the aspiration is with hobs in-line cooking zones

Plinth long life filtering kit: K06395KITF1
Plinth ceramic filter kit: K06395KITF2
Long life filter: AK2535499
Ceramic filter: AK2535498

Filter included in the filtering kit

S/steel Satin
Matt black


Currently not available

Functions that improve performances


It activates the motor at the highest speed for a certain period of time, and then it automatically reduces the speed. This function is useful in the cooking phases where a lot of fumes are produced.


When you have finished the cooking, this function allows to have the hood working for a certain period of time to complete elimination of the fumes and the remained odors. After that period of time the hood switches off in an automatic way.

Filter Alarm

The controls is giving automatic advice when it is necessary to do maintenance both of the carbon and the grease filters.

Led Light

The cooker hoods are equipped with led lighting that are allowing to reduce both consumption and working temperature, obtaining long time lasting efficiency and reliabily Each product design needs to have its own led light integrated, so there are in use single led spots, led bars, or internally produced led panel in glass and stainless steel with a beautiful uniform light. In order to fulfill any customer’s wish it is possible to have different light colour solutions or RGB system.

Remote Control

With its design, thin and light, it allows to activate all the functions at distance. On some models it is delivered with the hoods, on other models it can be purchased separately.

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