Shaping our design

Our designs are modelled around function

We have been making high-end kitchen hoods and furnishings since 1985. Each stage of the manufacturing process – from development, to production, to quality control tests – takes place in Italy, in our plant in Jesi, in the Marche region. This is why we are able to offer fully customized products, made-to-order in personalized colours, to satisfy every client’s needs.

The creation of a kitchen hood must begin from its function, with design contributing to exceptional, faultless performance.

Extractor Hobs

The combination of design and technology gives to these models the gift of invisibility: as integrated in the working top they leave a lot of space around the cooking zone. This models can suck the vapours directly from the cooking hob; this is making the aspiration very performing and suitable for big kitchens where the fumes can travel in the room more easily.

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The Downdraft models are placed inside the cooking hob and are having their sucking operations made easier by the system with motor. Another special feature is the motor, also integrated into the cabinet or installed in a separate room internal or external place of the house, which allows to save space. The Extractor hobs combined aspiration and cooking in one product.

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Island hoods with their possibilities to be freely installed above the cooking hob and take directly the furmes produ-ced, are the real main character as highest design element for the best design kitchens. Stainless Steel, Glass, bars, panels… are just some of the elements featuring the King Element of aspiration in the kitchen architecture.

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In the Ceiling hoods the aspiration system is “invisible”. The cooking fumes captation is happening in an easy way taking advantage of the convection phenomenon where the warmer and heavier air is rising upwards. This solution allows to have a lot of space free in the height and a lot of visibility without obstacles around the cooking area, leaving space to a lot of possibilities when the kitchen of our dreams is designed. All the models are controlled by remotes.

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Built-in hoods are ever green products which cannot be missed in the collection of each producer of cooker hoods. They are always very popular and have the clear advantage to take little space as mounted inside the upper cabinet of the cooking area where they complelety disappear. Adding screens that can be opened when necessary or disappear when not used, help to have a better captation of the fumes and just a touch is needed to move the door/screen and start or end the aspiration of the hood.

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Wall hoods are the design perfect solution when the ki-tchen is offering less space. They are classic appliances made by an horizontal or inclined part placed on top of the cooking hob, which can captate in an easy way the fumes then conveyed inside a design-part where the motor and tubes to take the air out are hidden. Like this the hood is becoming a feature- element of the kitchen, main design protagonist to catch the attention in the cooking area.

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Remote Blowers

By using the Remote blowers, which can be placed away from the cooking area, it is possible to reduce the noise heard, keeping at the same time high performances in aspiration.

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