A reliable ally in the kitchen

The new AirMate smart and integrated technology brings a new level of comfort and care in the kitchen.
The AirMate system automates both ventilation and lighting, as well as offering smart home and smartphone integration with a special App to constantly monitor the air quality in the kitchen.

The hood is equipped with 11 built-in sensors to measure a range of air quality characteristics, such as fine particles (PM2.5), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), CO2, humidity, temperature, and movement. Using a variety of complex algorithms, the hood knows exactly how to perform to ensure optimal ventilation by adjusting the extraction speed, thus guaranteeing trouble-free cooking, minimal noise levels, energy consumption and healthy indoor air quality throughout the day.

After cooking, the hood will continue to ventilate in silent mode until the air quality is restored to normal.

Even the automatic LED lights, with dimmable light, are able to adapt to the style of the kitchen in any environment.

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